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Change is a good thing…

I am proud to announce that RyCOM Creative has acquired Skragglies, a local digital marketing company. Skragglies clients should be optimistic about the change, with RyCOM’s graphic design, printing, photo/video, consulting, PR and branding services being added to the existing digital marketing services already offered by Skragglies.

The acquisition comes after Justin Skaggs approached RyCOM with health concerns and a need to step away from the industry. Although Skragglies was considered a competitor of our’s, we had worked on many projects together in the past, so this move makes a lot of sense for everyone involved.

RyCOM offers all of the services that Skragglies had been delivering to clients. This means that all existing Skragglies clients will not see any change in available services due to the acquisition. We actually foresee an improvement in service levels and responsiveness. Although the Skragglies name will slowly transition out, we can ensure all of our clients that the local, personal service they received from Skragglies will continue with RyCOM.

We are still in the transition phase, working with Skragglies clients to get them into the RyCOM family. During the transition, we are asking that any current Skragglies clients book a time to come in to meet the RyCOM team and discuss all the ways we can help you get more…

I am really excited about this next phase in the RyCOM story. We faced a fork in the road back in 2017 – Shoot for a national audience and automated growth path or to invest in our community and grow locally. We chose our community. This is the next step in that process.

Ryan Rydell – President, RyCOM Creative

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Responsive Web Design

Every website we build is guaranteed to look beautiful on any device.  Your customers are using their phones to look for you, shouldn’t your site be built with them in mind?  This is the big downside to using a lot of “site builders” or DIY alternatives… Bottom line, nearly a third of searches form mobile devices result in a purchase.

Responsive Mobile Friendly Websites
Web Design for eCommerce

Our mobile first approach isn’t just for business pages, we do the same thing for eCommerce sites.  Stand apart with a full shopping cart system that works on any device, with both PayPal and major credit cards fully integrated.  Our eCommerce sites are also set up from the start to work well with sharing on social media.

Websites built right here in Rockford IL

The best looking website in the world isn’t doing you any favors if it isn’t optimized for search engines.  We actually wrote a book on the subject!  We build web sites that get traffic, and we’re happy to review your current site and recommend changes.  Our advice is always free, but if the work seems a bit too tough, let us know and we’ll take care of it for you.

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